Adult Students



At 60 years old, it is a daunting prospect to learn a language from scratch. I didn’t even know how to say one word in Norwegian, but because of a series of Norwegian books that I loved in English translation, I had the intention of learning Norwegian well enough to be able to read them in their original language.

I began learning Norwegian several years ago, and through Elizabeth’s expert teaching, her enthusiasm, creativity and encouragement, my goals for learning Norwegian have gradually become much larger. Now I want to learn as much as I can and become the most proficient Norwegian speaker it is possible for me to become.

I know it will take a lot more time and effort on my part, and it is a complete joy to undertake this journey with Elizabeth’s help. At first we used textbooks, and now we are reading books and discussing them. All my lessons are over Skype, and we use the comments section to clarify grammatical issues and words. We discuss current issues and what is going on in the world, and sometimes look at Norwegian newsletters for Norwegian learners. All in all, we use a variety of methods to talk and to learn.

Jacqueline Reichman

Elizabeth has been teaching me Norwegian in a private course for several months and I have been very satisfied with her performance. First, she knows how to create a pleasant atmosphere meanwhile she keeps focus on the structure of her course. Then, I have appreciated that she has been very flexible in the way she has tackled our lessons. Indeed, she has several times adapted the content of her courses to answer my questions on various topics or grammar points. Furthermore, I have also liked the diversity of the material she has provided me with. Not only has she used the official learning books but she has also brought up novels, listening exercises, documentaries, poetry, and even games. I definitely recommend her as a private teacher for those who want to learn and practice Norwegian in an enjoyable way.

Helene Altounian

Elizabeth distinguishes herself as a teacher by her creative and effective lesson plans, and by her friendly and sensitive manner toward adult language learners.  She handled the complexity and dynamism of the classroom with aplomb and sensitivity. The students of this course were invigorated by her lessons, and many have spoken highly of her.

Lisa Berti