My language learning journey began as a child. My grandmother was incredibly proud of her Norwegian heritage. She traveled to Norway several times, took language courses, and passed on family traditions, but because she was born in the US, at a time when speaking another language at home was discouraged, she wasn't taught. Therefore, she wasn't able to pass down that part of her heritage. This history had a big impact on me, and ultimately led me to pursuing a career in language and culture.

I began learning Norwegian as a child and began teaching in 2002. I lived in Norway twice, first as an au pair, and second after receiving my MA TESOL from the Monterey Institute of International Studies. Having a MA in teaching and fluency in both English and Norwegian, meant I was able to teach both languages to locals and immigrants in the Oslo area. During my time in Oslo, I was fortunate to work with individuals from around the world. I find that using my client's backgrounds to make connections while learning a new language keeps our sessions relevant, personalized and more enjoyable. I am also dedicated to finding creative solutions in terms of materials and the presentation of new language in order to make our time together enjoyable and productive.

Since moving to the US, I have written and published a Norwegian textbook called Enjoy Norwegian. I have worked for myself and private companies, focusing on intensive language instruction. Professional English and all levels of Norwegian, especially Intermediate to Advanced Norwegian are my specialties. I have also continued to promote the importance of education and cultural acceptance.  I value the personal histories that each of my clients bring to the table and want to help them build and expand their stories to include new paths and new possibilities.