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My goal is to help you reach yours, and I love finding ways to make that possible.

What can you expect from working with me?  You will find that I am dedicated, creative and encouraging. It takes time to learn a language, but I enjoy finding out which techniques and materials work best for moving my clients forward. At this level of Norwegian, I recommend using the book "Enjoy Norwegian." It is fast paced, comprehensive, and quickly moves from B1 to B2/C1. I designed this book specifically for intermediate to upper intermediate learners who are interested in learning more about the Norwegian language and culture. I also made sure to incorporate themes and structures that are likely to be evaluated on Norway's official proficiency exam. Upon completing this text, you will have practiced the four skills of reading, writing, listening and speaking, and been exposed to a range of authentic text types. You should also be ready to take Test i norsk - høyere nivå from folkeuniversitetet. 

In addition to "Enjoy Norwegian," I have experience with several other textbooks, web-based resources, and personalized materials. If you feel that 10 sessions is not enough, or if you would like to focus on a specific skill, I would be happy to develop a program that meets your needs. In return, I expect my students to do their best. Regularly reading, listening, and speaking with me and others is what it takes to boost your language ability and cultural understanding to the next level.