Dedicated instructor and guide in Norwegian, English and cross-cultural communication


Looking to excel in your career? Communication is key. Having worked with executives, ambassadors, academics and a range of professionals, I know what it takes to improve and polish your language skills and cultural knowledge, giving you the edge you need to get ahead. I bring nearly 20 years of teaching experience in addition to successfully publishing a Norwegian textbook and developing and growing private language, culture, and relocation programs in both Norway and the US.
Whether your career brings you to Norway, or from Norway to the US, I can give you the tools you need to navigate professional and casual situations and interactions. Contact me today to learn how I can guide you in reaching your professional goals.



In addition to providing language training in both Norwegian and English, she was pivotal to our learning journey and mastering the culture. We had various choices in terms of language learning, but Elizabeth was able to provide the cultural training that is essential to our positions. 

My wife spent a significant amount of time working on etiquette, both in written and spoken English, and this preparation was key to comfortably and effectively hosting meetings and dinners with small and large groups of dignitaries and their spouses.

Likewise, I was able to achieve a nuanced understanding of the Norwegian culture by focusing on Norwegian phrases and mannerisms that prepare me for meetings with the media, dignitaries, and government officials.

The training we gained from Elizabeth continues to be a valuable resource and professional asset. Elizabeth was able to provide a robust and balanced learning environment due to her understanding of both cultures. It is without hesitation and with enthusiasm that I recommend Elizabeth as a teacher, trainer, or guide.

Raphael Schutz
Ambassador to Norway


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